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The king regueeaton

This entry was made to talk a bit about one of the most versatile singers in the world, his birth, his life, his family and timeliness. This is William Omar Landron Rivera.

William Omar Landron Rivera, better known as the king don omar regueton carolina born in Puerto Rico on 11 February
1978, grew all if life in the orphanage of the Church of that city as a backup singer in his time and became a pastor but with at poblem with a woman could not co
ntinue with his pastorate, this you can LISTEN to the song "if you left."

The start was his career was near the duo yaga yaga and mackie for the years 1990 with the song "Tha Cream," the album of the same name.
His first album was in

the year 2004 called "The Last Don" who was changed in his life decorated with thousands of p
rizes an
d become the best of reggaeton genre, with songs like "Dale Don Dale", "but you left
" and "poor devil."

In 2005 his second album out called bandits, who like his last albu

m took him back to stardom with "king of kings" in 2007.
Now working with two albums with "suitability" and "meet the orphans."

Property of their songs

-Poor use of repetitive phrases that are commonly used in the genre of reggaeton.
"In their songs talk about women, love, infidelity, or even on different topics that affect society issues such as religion, or suicide.
-True tiraera exponent.
-Combines or moves easily through different genres such as salsa, bachata, and dance.

His lyrical wars have been:

-Daddy yankee, and reconciled
-Baby rasta: Also
-Wisin y yandel, who previously had a good friendship
The ghetto-


Don omar although their tropiesos has been of the greatest exponents of the genre.
One of the most versatile artists.
Each person can have his taste of both genre as a singer.
Listen regueton is not so bad, I recommend the romantic.

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